I Want a Warning

by Marathon States

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Jason Thinh made a small but distinct mark on the Bay Area punk scene in the early 2000′s as the driving force behind the introspective yet vibrant pop-punk band Short Round, and as a member of the socially-conscious. ska band The Chinkees. He relocated to Athens, GA searching for a new perspective on life and struggled with issues of identity and separation, losing the impulse for songwriting before eventually embracing it again as a mechanism to make sense of said issues.
Written and recorded over a 4-year period from 2012-2016, Thinh’s first album under the MARATHON STATES moniker is a deeply personal affair, one that confronts questions of change and anxiety, but still occasionally references his favorite comics, television, and music. And while there may be some discrete lyrical shout-outs on I Want A Warning to Thinh’s favorite bands and records, the instrumentation not so discretely takes cues from the big, angular guitars of Sleater Kinney and the heart-on-sleeve desperation of Jawbreaker. Old California friends Max Feshbach and Morgan Herrell (Hard Girls) provide the record’s dynamic rhythm section, with additional contributions from Georgia friends Sam Paulsen (Man or Astroman?, We Versus The Shark) and engineer Joel Hatstat (Bomb The Music Industry, Cinemechanica)


released September 6, 2016

Jason Thinh - Guitar/Vocals
Morgan Herrell - Bass
Max Feshbach - Drums

Sam Paulsen - Vocals on "Belasco" & "Wine & Vinegar"
Joel Hatstat - Keys on "All These Landmines"

Drums and Bass recorded by Bob Vielma in San Jose, CA
Vocals and Guitar recorded by Joel Hatstat in Athens, GA

Mixed and Mastered by Joel Hatstat



all rights reserved


Marathon States Athens, Georgia

Three piece punk combo from San Jose,CA and Athens,GA featuring members of Hard Girls and Short Round.

Love Between The Coasts.

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Track Name: Igniter
I burned all through these streets
Every block it seems
I didn't notice all the warnings
Who crossed the lines, crossed the boundaries
Some would say it's all we do
It's not worth a thing

I'm starting the fire til sirens sound
Whispered to spread this to the ground
Send help
An audience disaster
A crowd
What were they waiting for

It's out on the wire hanging now
Whispered through everyone in town
Save your breath
Your lungs have no answers and no eyes on any open doors

Is this what this is
We're yelling at walls we're sharing now
It's been since I was just a mess
When what I said didn't count
I'll wait til these ashes clear my name
Track Name: Audiometry
It was a sound
Broken bottles on the ground
All around you
Our words collide
Like two freight trains crashing on time
Out of our mouths
Out of line

I'm sticking to my story
I'll end up in circles where they always lead me

Only if I can do what I'm saying now
Cause it's that easy

I'm fine
I haven't had the time
Here I go again making issues
Then again what's new

Sorry for echoes that you're hearing
I'm sewn up
Nothing out of this mouth would be worth repeating

All this was a noise of mistakes but I'm quiet now
Wait what's that ringing?

It's ear-splitting knives
We communicate too late to excise
It's another joke
It's another drink to how we're sinking
Track Name: All These Landmines
I ripped a tear in between these coasts
Mistaken to faces I didn't know
Away from roads where these haunts all end
Slit through before those words were heard again

I've worn this fiction to long
Backwards all through this marathon
I ran until I broke my knees
Stumbled to start apologies

Could I say what I can't talk about
Or feed kingdoms instead of this great big mouth
Or just leave homes, leave these empty beds
Wake to street signs that hang over my head

Could all these clocks have been wrong and stopped at warnings
Now I'm done with all these landmines my steps have left behind

I quit crimes
I quit keeping regrets that stretched every mile of this leaving

No more choking my breath with this phrase
No more breaking necks looking back
It's all been told
What's left to say
Just let it go
Track Name: Belasco
You're safe from these homes
But through these walls I'm hearing 'bout you
I sunk with these stones that my pockets filled with
I'm drowning for you
No one else would disapprove

Let's speak in secrecy nobody has to know
I'll walk from here
Not breathe, or scream, or be followed

There's smoke in your mirrors
Now for your next trick where I disappear
You saw through my bones
Broke off the parts that were holding you dear
All was left was dust to clear

For goodness sake
You're saving yourself on your own
If there's a reason we'd still be here
I should know
Dead and gone
Nothing's left of what's lost
What would you have me do

You shot out your last words
Out loud to no answers

I woke when I should've been sleeping
Can't you hear alarms screaming through these melodies

For goodness sake
You're letting everybody know
All these mistakes
You couldn't ever let them go

Dead and gone
What would you have me do
Where would you have me go
Track Name: Weekend Smokes
Stuck in the sheets again
Called off the late nights we all came to know
Like old friends
I'm cutting off those years that led to all the threads
Negatives that show off those utmost positive regrets

That won't just die out
Always guilty before the trial
Always the smoking gun

I left the past in the scene that you remembered so damn easily

Start at the end to get back to the beginning but who was listening
Embarrassing histories aren't forgiving now

I tried nothing and it was the worst that I could still do
It's not my place to say but I spit those last words anyway
I found my substance
I went back to the walls I came from
To where I ran these circles

That caught back to where it went wrong
Chasing these distances on and on
Tried to forget what it was
Where you were for so long

Waiting for the here and now to die out
Sentencing after the trial
Stitched up the seams but still somehow I'm undone
Track Name: Wine & Vinegar
Out with the old feelings
Taking a month extended residency
All spent looking from the corner of the room
Sat though these days through low lights
Answered the door to another thankless invite
No wolves
No poisons
No promises for free
Is this how you felt
oh well
Through electrostatic signals
Our rhythms
We lost them all to hell

At worst, hours worked reminders
Through the cracks of a life that wasn't felt
No notes addressed to you
No notes were sung without a tune
Why walk the shortest distance again

Stood in the way
The same place
Fractured the windows
Went down every hallway
Reruns replayed
Throughout every room
Dozens of months to the day
Counting the bullets dodged or at least ricocheted
To where we've gone and where we haven't been

I went all the wrong ways of getting to it
It's itched at my lungs like those cigarettes

No dreams
No sleep
Repeating all the scenes of reckless and old routines

Buried this trust
These ghosts fell out of love
Much faster than we could speak

Another room
The guests went home
A new place for . . .
Track Name: Theodore
Get up and cut those anchors from you now
And all the ways you’ve been kept down
Those sorry’s and goodbye’s everyone knows
Are just a poorly attended show
That we call you now
The glory days of a captive crowd
It’s old
Can you tell us something else that we don’t already know

Exhausted all your rooms
And lost the voice that no one took from you
Countless chances you’ve spent
Like someone with wasted winnings

Admired all those liars like yourself
Stretched all the charm that you could sell
Torn through all your solutions paper thin
Resigned that this would be the end
If no one called you out
What would you say when no one’s around
You spoke but what’s the message
Could you depend on who you can’t even throw

Everyone knows your name
What else to say when there’s someone to blame
Used up identities
Already moved to the next thing
Stories you’ve left behind
That spread the truth about a mile wide
Take it out on your friends
Will history stop repeating

Exhausted all your rooms
It’s serious how much you’ve gained to lose
Oh no, not this again
It’s just the same story
Acting confused
Acting like there’s no problem now
Track Name: Combat Heart
When did this story end
Were there words left unsaid
Words whispering, “Get over it”

Stopped time from stopping you
And what else I couldn't do
I left to breathe
Breathe anywhere else

It's all over now
The lights went out
I sunk below the ground
With no symphonies
No minor keys
Soundtracked without this feeling

Memorized lines enough
Broke tables, broke the cup
And waited through years

Always went back to heart attacks
What else could you want from me

And again from a friend to a friend
Cars are crashing
Are we saving enemies
It's all I ever wrote and seen, ever distortingly
Can we lay down arms
Call off wars already won

It's been over now
Since no lights were found
Catastrophes kept working out

I crawled, I slept, I woke
Mirrors that never spoke to what was going on
Echoes I'll always see
Revisions that won't leave these ghosts to sleep